Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is For Good?

For Good is not a film company, nor an NGO, nor an events company. We are a collective of artists, NGOs, and supporters building community through creative action. We welcome you to join us.

2. What do the circles in your logo represent?

Click here!

3. Why join For Good?

  • Our projects are fun! Check out our Film Project
  • You’ve got creative energy to share for a good cause
  • You will meet amazing and inspiring individuals in your community
  • You love HK and want to make it a more vibrant place
  • You’re passionate about an issue but don’t know how to get the word out

4. How should I support For Good?

5. Which type of NGO does For Good support?

We believe that all NGOs have their hearts touched by a specific social issue. We support and collaborate with any passionate NGOs looking to share their amazing journeys with the community. Check out who we’ve worked with here.